Embossing Folders

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Generally, the term “embossing” refers to any technique that creates a raised pattern on a surface of materials such as paper, leather, or metal.  You can achieve the result in various ways including using embossing folders, letterpress, or heat embossing with embossing powders.

Embossing Folders are translucent plastic folders that have a raised design impression on one side and has an indented impression on the other. The design can be transferred into the paper by simply inserting a piece of cardstock inside the folder then roll the folder through the die-cutting & embossing machine. This creates a raised image on your paper or cardstock. This method is also known as dry embossing. 

With heat embossing, a design (or texture) are added to the materials through stamping or writing with embossing ink and sprinkling with embossing powders and using heat to create the raised effect. 

3D Embossing Folders are generally made of thicker plastic and have an indented side, a recessed side, and a few undulations and layers whereas the standard embossing folders only have the indented side and a recessed side. In a nutshell, the difference between a regular embossing folder and a 3D embossing folder is in the details of the embossed pattern. In 3D Embossing Folders, the embossed details have various heights or depths making it more realistic and rendering more details.


Most of these embossing folders are hard plastic folders that come in many different sizes and have 2 sides: one side having a raised impression and the other side having an indented impression. The pressure coming from an electronic or manual embossing machine presses the paper together to create a design on the material.

- Regular Embossing Folders - all of the embossed details have the same height (or the same depth).

- 3D Embossing Folders - the embossed details have various heights (or depth) and have more details. You can use either the debossed or the embossed side for your project.