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Using blending tools to create beautifully smooth gradients and patterns is an art form in itself. The right tool for the right purpose can make all the difference, whether it's a blending brush for a soft transition or a sponge dauber for a more precise application. With a variety of tools to choose from, you can experiment with different techniques and textures to achieve different effects. Whether you prefer a felt or foam pad for blending or stencilled bristle brushes for intricate patterns, the possibilities are endless. So why not unleash your creativity and start experimenting with blending tools today?

Which Ink Blending Tools to use?

Dome Foam Blending Tools vs Blending Brushes

Dome Foam vs Flat Applicator:
The foam blending tool is a versatile tool that offers various benefits, including no-line blending, easy stencilling, and efficient ink absorption and distribution throughout the foam thickness. When comparing the dome foam and flat applicators, dome foam stands out for its ability to provide smooth blending. Unlike flat edges, the spongy semicircle shape of dome foam allows for seamless and beautiful blends when swirling the tool. Dome foams also have a larger capacity to hold ink, ensuring even distribution onto the paper. They are especially effective for applying a generous amount of ink compared to blending brushes.

Blending Brushes:
Brushes are ideal for larger spaces and can be used for dusting powders, pastes, and mousse. With blending brushes, you can achieve both soft and delicate looks, as well as rough and scratchy textures. They offer a softer blend, creating pastel-like colours from intense ink pads resulting in a lighter and softer colour blend. Additionally, brushes allow for layering colours and are easier to clean than sponge tools.

Cleaning Blending Brushes:
For dye-based or pigment inks, you can wash the bristles with gentle soap and water. However, hybrid inks may stain the bristles, so it's advisable to designate one blending brush per color family of ink. To clean it, simply use a baby wipe or microfiber cloth to wipe down the brush between uses.

Mini Ink Detailed Blending Tool:
The mini ink detailed blending tool features a foam head and double tips, making it suitable for working on smaller areas. It is handy for shading techniques to create depth and dimensions.

Foam Blending Tool vs Felt Blending Tool:
Felt pads are explicitly used for alcohol inks while the foam blending tools are designed for dye and pigment inks. The Alcohol Ink Applicator Tools are available in a rectangular and a fancy heart shape