VersaFine Clair Pigment Ink Pads

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Tsukineko VersaFine Clair ink is fast-drying oil-based pigment ink. Due to the raised ink pad, this ink is better than ever to use with stamps for DTP purposes. The case of the inkpads are airtight and known for their long-lasting inkpads. They allow you to have increased control when inking stamps. VersaFine Clair ink enables you to stamp more images than any other inkpad on the market! They have the same Versafine ink quality but the pigments are deeper and brighter making them perfect for fine detail stamps or solid silhouette stamps. You can heat set the ink for better results. This new line of VersaFine inks is available in great vintage and bright colours, something we have been looking forward to.

Also available are Versamark Embossing and Watermark Ink, Oil-Based Clear Pigment Ink that allows you to create a watermark and two-tone image

VersaFine vs VersaFine Clair Ink Pads

VersaFine Ink is an oil-based pigment ink that creates crisp lines and beautiful and deep stamped colour. VersaFine can provide up to five times as many stamped images as a regular ink pad. It dries quicker than the majority of pigment inks on porous surfaces. It is also great for embossing on coated surfaces. VersaFine is known for capturing the most finely detailed stamp images. They are water-resistant when dry, making them suitable for watercolour or water-based markers. Due to their unique formula, VersaFine is only available in 12 colours and all in darker and earthy tones.


VersaFine Clair is a newer/tweaked version of the original VersaFine, which allows for beautiful brighter colours! They are still oil-based pigment inks, but with a unique formulation, they are now available in 24 vibrant colours! They can be used with the VersaFine for ink layering. VersaFine Clair maintains all the details of fine-lined stamps and is waterproof once dry. They are also embossable.