Gina K Designs Dies

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Gina K. Designs dies are high-quality cutting dies manufactured in China. Each dies set come already de-tabbed on a magnetic storage sheet. The dies are open design for easier placement over the coordinating stamped images. Gina K. Master Layout Dies are series of card layout templates that enable you to cut and create perfect layers for front panels for A2 size cards. 

Also available are Gina K. Designs InkGina K. Designs Stamps, Gina K. Designs Glitz Glitter Gels, and Cardstocks.

Gina K. Designs Dies

Direction for use:

If using coordinating stamps, stamp the image first. You will be able to see the stamped image through the opening of the die for proper placement. Tape die down with low tack tape to secure in place. Place face down onto a piece of paper, card stock, or other thin material. Run through die cutting machine. Compatible with most dies cutting machines on the market.

Store dies on magnetic sheets or keep them in pockets or envelopes. Some dies are very small. Handle with care.

Magnetic Sheets (each dies set come with a magnetic sheet for storage):
Magnetic fields, especially those produced by rare earth magnets, can affect pacemakers and other implanted material devices. Extreme care should be taken to keep magnets away from these devices to avoid deactivation. Please consult a medical professional if there are any questions regarding an implanted device and magnets. Use caution to keep magnets at a safe distance from metals, steel, and other magnets to avoid instant impact, splintering, or breakage.