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Adding a touch of luxury to your cards, invitations, or scrapbook projects by using hot foiling techniques. You can transfer metallic foil to any surfaces using a variety of foils and hot foil stamps we have in store.

In Hot Foil Stamping, the hot foil stamps (or hot foil plates or dies) comes into contact with the heat reactive foil and transfers a layer of thin foil film onto the intended surface area. The hot foil stamps or plates are usually heated up using the Hot Foil Stamping machines such as the 
Couture Creation GoPress and Foil machineCrafter’s Companion Foil Press machine, or the WRMK Foil Quill system etc. When the hot foil stamps (or the metal plate) becomes hot, the foil begins to stick to the foil surface resulting in a beautiful desired metallic print transfers.

Foiling without a machine can also be done by using a reactive foil, a laser printer, and a laminator (or an iron). Check out icraft Deco Foil range for toner reactive foil ranges.

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Also available are 
Cut, Foil, and Emboss Dies which allow you to cut, emboss, and foil in one die! 
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heat reactive foils, toner-reactive foils, and adhesive foils in our foils section.