Cardstock - Glitter Cardstock

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Add some sparkle and glam to your card making or paper crafting project with glitter paper sheets. They are heavyweight cardstock covered with a beautiful coat of glitter that doesn’t come off when you touch. This type of cardstock will make your project shimmer and shine like never before! So let your imagination run wild and get creative with glitter finish cardstock today!




With such an extensive selection of papers available, it doesn’t matter if you want to make something subtle or striking—you’ll surely find the right paper for your needs. And if you want to add a little extra sparkle, take a look at our glitter cardstock. It comes in various colors, shapes and sizes making them ideal for adding interesting details or creating 3D elements. Get creative with glitter cardstock and make something truly unique today! It’s perfect for adding texture and sparkle to your pages, making them stand out from the crowd. Plus, it’s easy to use so you can quickly and easily add a touch of glamour to any layout or design. Get creative with glitter cardstock and bring all your visions to life!