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Shop for all your mixed media colouring tools from Crafties Co.. We have pencils, crayons, markers and alcohol markers for all your art projects.

Pens, crayons, and markers are essential tools for any paper crafter. Each medium offers distinctive features that can bring creative ideas to life. Pens are ideal for making precise lines and calligraphy, and they come in an array of colours, nibs, and ink types. Crayons, on the other hand, offer rich hues that are perfect for blending, shading, and adding texture to paper projects. They also work well on various surfaces, such as vellum or cardstock. Markers are versatile tools that can create bold and bright designs on paper. They come in different shades and tips, from fine to broad, to allow for a range of creative possibilities. They're available in alcohol-based or water-based ink, providing options for permanent and non-permanent uses. Additionally, some markers offer dual-tips to create various line widths, making them versatile for crafting.