Collage Tissue & Rice Paper

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Rice Paper is perfect for your crafting needs! These wafer-thin papers are great for wrapping, decoupage, painting, molding, and mixed media projects. You can easily cut or tear a piece to get the desired effect you’re looking for. For a feathered torn edge, just wet the paper first. Want to make your project really stand out? Apply Clear Collage medium to the back of your paper and place it on any chosen surface; use a soft tool or fingertips to smooth it all out, starting from the center. Once it’s dry you can add inks, paints, varnishes, and glitters for extra flair. 

Collage Paper will add a special touch to your journal pages! With different packs of words, backgrounds, and faces available, you’re sure to find one that gives your look just the right amount of personality. These collage papers are printed on tissue and can be used as-is or cut up however you wish - rip them, paint them, or use them whole. They make an excellent addition to any mixed-media project as well.