Foil Paper Cardstock

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Metallic finish cardstock is the perfect way to make your crafts stand out! Its reflective surface does an excellent job of capturing light, making it ideal for creating eye-catching projects. The beautiful metallic sheen comes in a variety of colors, so you can customize your creations to perfectly match any theme or color scheme. It's also incredibly versatile: you can use it with your die-cut machine for stunning embellishments, or with other crafting tools to create cards, banners, and more! The glossy finish gives your project an extra touch of elegance that's sure to impress. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, metallic finish cardstock is the perfect way to add some shine to your projects!


Introducing Foil Paper, the perfect addition to your scrapbook, art and craft projects, handcrafts, school projects, or Easter decorations. Adding a bit of fun and sparkle to any family time activity with the kids or school assignment with students is easy with these cardstocks -- they’re very easy to use and can be cut by scissors, metal die-cutting machines, or paper punches - whatever you have! You can also glue them on for a unique and creative touch. Whether it’s for a holiday decoration like Valentine's Day or Christmas (think: garlands, banners, or cake toppers) or a wedding decor project, Foil Paper will add something special to any occasion. So get creative and let your ideas shine!