Winkles Glitter Markers

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Winkles Glitter Marker is designed to elevate your artwork with its shimmering brilliance and ease of use. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting your creative journey, these markers offer a simple yet effective way to infuse your creations with a vibrant, glittering finish.

Available as individual marker or in a convenient case that holds up to 24 colours, the Winkles Glitter Marker range ensures that you have a versatile palette at your fingertips. Each marker is carefully crafted to deliver a smooth and consistent application, allowing you to achieve precision and control in your artistic endeavours.

These markers are acid-free and safe for use on various surfaces, including paper, yardstick, and more! Whether you’re embellishing a scrapbook, designing greeting cards, or adding flair to your journal, Winkles Glitter Markers offer a versatile solution for artists of all kinds.

- Quality nylon brush tip allows for variation of lines
- Water-based pigment ink, light fast, acid-free, and xylene-free
- Archival quality and photo-safe