Simon Hurley Lunar Paste & Solar Paste

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Simon Hurley create. Lunar Paste is a creamy and colorful texture paste with a metallic shine. Apply through stencils with a palette knife for definition or apply a thin layer direct to surface for a metallic paint-like finish. Coordinates with the full Simon Hurley create. color palette. It is available in 19 colors that coordinate with the Simon Hurley create. colour palette and two additional colors, Silver Lining and Gold Rush

- Vibrant Metallic Texture Paste for impactful shine

- Shiney on both white and cardstock

- Each one is created with different coloured mica powder

- Once dried, it keeps the metallic shine and will stay put and will not rub off.

- Lunar Paste dries permanently to a flexible and waterproof finish but is not considered archival.


Simon Hurley create. Solar Paste is a creamy white paste with a metallic colour shift when it hits the light and is available in six colours. The colour can be subtle on white cardstock, but reveals an intense-coloured shine when applied to black cardstock. You can tint the paste with the same colour family as the shine or use different colours so the colour changes when tilted toward the light.  Apply Solar Paste over the top of Simon Hurley create. Dye Ink Pads or any other water-based inks to create a colorful background that changes color when tilted towards the light.



Can Lunar Paste be rehydrated?

Placing a piece of plastic wrap across the mouth of the jar before replacing the lid, and adding a few drops of water occasionally is helpful.  Should the contents become completely dry or hard, we are not aware of a means to rehydrate the product.

How long does it take for Lunar Paste to dry?

The time it takes for the paste to dry may differ based on the quantity used and your local climate. Consider using a Ranger Heat it Craft Tool or a similar heat tool to expedite the process.

Can you stamp on top of Solar Paste?

Yes. You can stamp on top of Solar Paste with Ranger Archival Ink Pads or any other permanent ink.

Are Solar Pastes available in the same colors as Simon Hurley create. Lunar Pastes and Dye Inks?

Solar Pastes are available in six colors, that were made to complement the Lunar Pastes and Dye Ink Pad colors.