Mod Podge

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Mod Podge is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish that's used for many different art and craft projects. 

Mod Podge is a popular multiuse craft product that can be used in place of adhesives or varnishes because it has the ability to create a protective coat over surfaces while also sealing them so they are water-resistant too!

Mod Podge is the perfect glue, sealant, and finish all in one. This innovative and flexible brand has been loved for years by crafters because of its durability on your projects. Mod Podge dries quickly to a clear gloss that will last through many crafting adventures! There are so many different finishes such as Glossy (perfect for cards), Matte (for chalkboard art) or Glitter Finish (a fun way to make any surface sparkle). You can also choose between outdoor safe glues if you're working outside but need some protection from the rain. With so much versatility at an affordable cost, it's no wonder everyone loves mod podge!!!