Gel Press

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Gel Press is a leading innovator in the gel printing industry. The company specializes in manufacturing different sized gel printing plates for printmaking.

Gel Press Plates can be used with a variety of media creating incredible prints with everything from Tempera Paints to Oil Pigment Sticks. Gel Press surface is engineered to release the media, regardless of how fast drying they are, and work well with metallic acrylic colours and alcohol-based inks in combination with any medium to pickup your print.

Cleaning Gel Press after each use with warm soapy water. Colour staining from bright alcohol inks may occur but it would not affect the use of the Gel Press Plates.

How to store your Gel Plates: Simply remove the Mylar sheets that come with the gel plates and the product insert and store your Gel Press plate by laying flat in the clamshell packaging.