Gift Vouchers Information

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How long does gift voucher valid for?

Your gift voucher is generally valid for 12 months from date of purchase. If you wish to extend this, please contact us to discuss.

What format is your gift voucher?

The system will automatically send an electronic voucher with redemption instructions to the recipient at the date and time specified. If you wish to have a hard copy voucher please contact us and we can have the voucher printed and mailed to your recipient.

How to redeem your gift voucher?

Recipients can redeem gift vouchers at the checkout page. Each gift voucher contains two codes that are required to be entered for the redempltion. These are the Voucher Code and the Secret Voucher Key. As both codes have several digits, we'd highly recommend the codes to be copied and pasted onto the fields to minimise any entry errors. Enter these codes onto the Step 3 of the checkout page. 

Once the codes are entered, the balance available on your gift voucher will appear. Enter the amount you wish to use towards your order in the field "Apply Credit To This Order" (see arrow). This will take out the total from your order. Any unused balance will remain as credit on the voucher.